Airport Ground Handling


6 Months


12th (Any Stream)

Minimum Age

17 ½ Years


In Airline, the term ground handling refers to the wide range of services provided to facilitate an aircraft flight or aircraft ground repositioning, preparation for and upon conclusion of a flight which will include both customer service and ramp service functions.

Ground handling is an essential part of the Airline industry. It ensures that aircraft are properly serviced and maintained, that passengers and cargo are handled efficiently, and that the airport operates safely and efficiently.

Airport Ground Staff Course Subjects
  • Airport Division
  • AirlineFundamentals
  • Check-in Procedures
  • Baggage Make-Up Area
  • Security Hold Area and boarding gate
  • Arrival Procedures
  • Ramp Management
  • Frequent Flyer Program

Ground Operations priorities

Global standards and their consistent application are the foundation for safe, secure and efficient ground operations. Uddeshya Airline Academy calls for the ground handling industry to accelerate the global adoption of the

Ground Staff Career Opportunities

The Ground staff Career Opportunities are at the places:-

  • Air India
  • IndiGo
  • GoAir
  • SpiceJet
  • Alliance Air
  • AirAsia India
  • Vistara
  • Luwang Air